Valcambi is one of the leading gold refineries in Switzerland. It is located at Balerna, in south-eastern Switzerland.

A stodgy old industry, it has managed to bring the world some intriguing innovations in the last six decades.

These unique gold bars can be broken into smaller pieces, each with its own weight and purity, giving you an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio.

Easy to break into smaller pieces

Valcambi gold combibars are designed for those who are looking for gold that can be broken into smaller pieces. These divisible bullion products are perfect for exchange, barter, gifting, and storage purposes.

They can be easily separated from the larger bar thanks to perforations that are pre-cut into them. This allows you to break them down without sacrificing any of the gold mass.

These bars are crafted by the reputable and highly respected refiner, Valcambi Suisse. They have been in business for over 50 years and are known for their quality and craftsmanship.

During the euro crisis, more and more people started purchasing these smaller gold bars as a safe-haven in case of a financial collapse. In such cases, it would be difficult to trade a whole bar for the goods and services that they needed.

Value for money

The Valcambi gold combibar is a unique product that offers a great value for money. It is a 1 troy ounce bar that can be broken into ten 1/10 oz bars.

This CombiBar is made of.9999 fine gold, making it a great choice for investors looking to diversify their precious metals portfolio. This product also makes a great gift due to the ability to break it into smaller pieces.

It comes in a plastic holder with an assay card. This makes it easy to store in a safe or deposit box.

The obverse of the bar features the Valcambi logo, a weight and purity of “1 oz fine gold 999,9,” and an assayer’s stamp of “CHI Essayeur Fondeur.” On the reverse side, there is a diamond-shaped Valcambi logo, a individualized serial number, and the Valcambi Suisse mint mark.

Valcambi is a Swiss-based refinery and manufacturer of gold ingots and other precious metals. It was founded over 60 years ago by a group of Swiss investors interested in precious metals. It has grown through a few mergers and acquisitions to become a fully focused company that is fully dedicated to the business of refining precious metals.

Easy to store

Gold combibars are an excellent investment for those who wish to protect their wealth but want a small, easily portable bar. Valcambi is one of the world’s largest precious metal refiners and they know how to create products that are a pleasure to handle.

A Valcambi gold combibar comes in a protective plastic case with an official assay card. It’s a perfect way to store your money while keeping it safe from thieves and the elements.

Each 1 oz CombiBar is minted from.9999 fine gold and features the Valcambi logo, weight, purity and assayer’s stamp. The individualized serial number also makes it easy to identify each bar.

The Valcambi gold Combibar is a popular choice for many people who are looking to diversify their asset portfolios and hedge against the risk of currency devaluation during times of financial crisis or hyperinflation. They’re especially useful in remote areas where paper money is not readily available or after natural disasters.


Valcambi is one of the largest precious metals refineries in the world, and has a long-standing reputation for high quality gold bullion products. These include cast and minted bars, coins, and other gold-related investment bullion products.

The company’s headquarters and refining facilities are located in Balerna, Switzerland. The refinery produces over 2000 metric tonnes of gold, silver, and platinum bullion per year.

It also manufactures and distributes silver, copper, and other metals in the form of bullion coins, bars, and rounds. The refinery has a strong focus on producing quality bullion products that are recognized worldwide and highly sought-after by investors.

The CombiBar is a unique product from Valcambi that allows you to divide a single bar into 20 1 gram pieces. Each of these segments is stamped with the Valcambi logo design, inscribed with “1 g fine gold 999.9,” and Valcambi’s CHI Essayeur Fondeur assay stamp, so it is easy to separate and trade.