2023 silver libertad mintage numbers

The 2023 silver libertad was released in January of this year and it has a stunning design that captures the beauty and pride of Mexico. It is a great addition to your silver bullion collection.

The obverse side of the coin features the Winged Victory statue that sits on top of the victory column that is an iconic symbol of Mexico City.

1. 1 oz

The 2023 silver libertad has low mintage numbers and is an excellent choice for bullion investors. The coin features the Winged Victory statue, a national symbol of the Mexican revolution against Spanish colonial control.

On the obverse, the Mexican Coat of Arms is displayed. The obverse design also includes a depiction of the Mexican golden eagle in left-profile relief with raised wings.

Inscriptions on the reverse include the coin’s weight, metal content, purity, and the year of issuance. The reverse also shows the Mexican Independence Victory Column and the mountains of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuti in the background field.

The fractional Libertad series began in 1991 and is still produced by La Casa de Moneda de Mexico, the oldest mint in North America. The series includes four fractional sized coins and a 1 Kilogram piece.

2. 2 oz

The silver Libertad series is a global bullion investment classic, produced by La Casa de Moneda de Mexico, the oldest mint in North America. Featuring key symbols of Mexican heritage and culture, the 2 oz silver libertad is globally recognized as a sound bullion asset.

Mintages of the 2 oz silver libertad are usually much lower than those of their 1 oz counterparts, which makes this coin an excellent addition to your collection. In addition, the 2023 silver libertad is a beautiful piece of collectible bullion.

The obverse of the 2023 silver libertad features a relief design of the Mexican national coat of arms surrounded by ten historical versions of the same design. On the reverse, the Mexican Winged Victory statue stands proudly in the forefront while Mexican volcanoes Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl are depicted in the background.

3. 5 oz

The Mexican Silver Libertad has a long tradition of being one of the most popular silver bullion coins on the market. These numismatically beautiful coins are known for their small mintages which adds to their collectibility and makes them an ideal addition to any portfolio.

The obverse side of these coins features Winged Liberty, the famous winged statue that represents Mexico’s Independence Victory Column. She is surrounded by two famous volcanoes that are associated with Mexico’s culture and history.

These coins are minted at La Casa de Moneda de Mexico, the oldest mint in North America. They are also the national mint of Mexico and are renowned for their superior quality.

4. 10 oz

The Mexican Silver Libertad is a beloved series that is highly sought after by both investors and collectors. First released in 1982, these sovereign backed coins feature the popular winged angel design on the obverse.

The reverse features the Mexican National Coat of Arms. This coat of arms is based on the Codex Mendoza, a nearly 500-year-old book that features the Mexican golden eagle devouring a snake.

The coin’s reverse also includes the majestic winged Angel of Independence, which is a historical monument located in Mexico City. It is the same design that was featured on all previous Mexican Libertads.

5. 20 oz

The Mexican Silver Libertad series is one of the most popular bullion coins in the world. The design has a lot of appeal, as it reflects the history of Mexico, as well as its beautiful landscapes and culture.

In addition to the 1 oz denomination, fractional and two larger sizes have been released since 1991. These include the 1/20 oz, 2 oz and 5 oz coins.

Mintages for the fractional and larger coins have been very low, which makes these coins a great choice for collectors that want to buy smaller amounts of silver. They are also available in a Proof finish, which has an added appeal to many collectors. They are accompanied by a Mint issued certificate and a display box.