investing circle

Investing Circle is a safe, trusted community to build your investing knowledge and confidence. Learn from experienced investors and connect with a like-minded group of women who are pursuing their financial goals.

Circle is a global internet finance company founded in 2013. They run a crypto trading desk and an over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk.

Circle of Competence

A person’s circle of competence is their area of expertise, skill, or knowledge. This is a simple concept, but it can be the difference between being successful and losing money on investments.

Investors who invest within their circle of competence have a better understanding of the business and can make rational projections about its future growth. They have an unfair advantage over those who don’t, enabling them to find undervalued investment opportunities and reap a high return on their capital.

In a classic example, Warren Buffett once told the story about a Russian immigrant who had a talent for buying and selling large quantities of furniture. Despite this ability, she never invested in the stock market because she did not understand it.

The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is an investment community dedicated to building long-term wealth through real estate. It offers you a mentor, educational resources, and access to exclusive deals.

Having an investing circle that includes people who are smarter and more skilled than you is a great way to build your knowledge and expand your network. These experts can provide insights and help you think critically about the investment process.

For example, they can give you a good perspective on whether or not a rehab is a wise investment. They can also advise you on how to avoid costly mistakes.

The members of the Inner Circle meet regularly to share their experiences and discuss their strategies for success. They develop community agreements that support shared understanding and resolve issues in a collaborative manner.

The Middle Circle

The middle circle is where most investors get into trouble. These are the companies you know little to nothing about but are still tempted to invest in. This is akin to buying a car without knowing the make and model.

To avoid getting burned, try to find out everything you can about the company and industry it operates in before you decide to invest your hard earned cash. This may mean a bit of reading, some online research or even asking around.

The best way to do this is with a solid investment research firm, such as Podolsky|Circle. As a boutique advisory firm, we can provide you with the most sophisticated recommendations possible, and we can help you avoid the mistakes that many investors make. Our team is a mix of institutional and boutique brokers with expertise in the middle market. For example, our most recent hire is Paul Tesdal, who brings a decade of industrial and net-leased experience to our team.

The Outer Circle

The Outer Circle is the group of people who are not especially close to you but whom you regularly encounter. These are the people you say hi to, share a laugh, or talk about your day with.

In contrast, the Inner Circle are those who are a long-term part of your life. They may be people you met at school, who live in your neighborhood, or whom you know through social media.

Investing too much time and effort with someone in the Outer Circle can leave you feeling rejected, resentful, or embarrassed.

This is why it’s important for security officers to look for the individual who has something to hide before they get to the Inner Circle. This gives them an advantage when assessing them later, and it allows them to make a better impression on the person by starting at a distance, rather than from close up.