goldstar trust reviews

Founded in 1989 goldstar trust is one of the oldest companies that offers self directed retirement accounts. They offer a variety of services including IRAs, 401k rollovers, and Swiss annuities. They also offer private investments like church bonds and loans.

While they have some bad press due to their dealings with Superior Gold Group, they are not a scam and do have some legit reviews.


Goldstar Trust Company is an excellent option for those interested in self-directed IRAs. This corporation specializes in alternative assets that many competitors don’t offer, including charter school bonds, church bonds, and privately held companies. The company also offers several other types of retirement accounts, including SEP IRAs and Simple IRAs.

They have a comprehensive fee schedule listed on their website. Mutual funds, money market funds, and other publicly traded traditional securities are charged a one-time $25 establishment fee and an annual maintenance fee worth $65.

The company also charges a flat fee of $5 per IRA transfer. This is a great deal cheaper than other companies. Goldstar Trust Company is a smaller provider and does not have a large team of employees or executives. However, their executive team takes pride in offering personalized service to clients. Their headquarters is located in Canyon, Texas. The company is run by three vice presidents: John Johnson, Dave Schnierle, and Matt Peakes.

Customer Service

If you are looking for an IRA custodian to manage your precious metal investments, Goldstar Trust is one of the best options. The company has representatives who are experienced in the industry and provides comprehensive education materials for new investors. They also offer professional guidance throughout the process. The company’s fees are competitive, and they’re transparent about their costs. Many other IRA custodians hide their fees behind complex structures, so this is a big plus.

Another positive point about Goldstar is that they provide a complete fee schedule on their website. This allows you to see all of the charges before you make a decision to invest with them. Their fees are relatively low, with a $25 one-time establishment fee and an annual maintenance fee of $65.

The company’s head office is located in Canyon, Texas. It is not accredited by the BBB, but it maintains an A+ rating. However, it does not collect a lot of customer reviews online, so it’s difficult to gauge how the public sees them.

Products offered

With decades-long experience and an A+ BBB rating, Goldstar Trust Company IRA is one of the most all-inclusive self-directed IRA companies we’ve seen. This includes a variety of alternative investments that other precious metals IRA specialists don’t necessarily offer. This may be a drawback for those who only want to put their retirement savings into gold and other rare metals.

The company specializes in self-directed IRAs and provides custodian services. They allow customers to invest in a broad range of alternative assets such as church bonds, private companies, and more. They also don’t promote typical commercial and residential real estate deals, which some investors find a turnoff.

One of the more unique features of this company is that they disclose their fees in full on their website. This is a rarity among IRA custodians. They also have a clear and transparent IRA investment process that allows customers to choose their own dealer/broker and purchase or lease the bullion they’re investing in.


Goldstar Trust Company has an excellent reputation as a trusted custodian of precious metals IRA investments. It screens dealers and brokers before agreeing to work with them, so customers can be confident they are dealing with a reputable company. It is also a very transparent company, which is rare for an IRA provider. Its website displays fees upfront instead of hiding them or simplifying them to a cost per transaction as some competitors do.

It offers a wide range of exotic or alternative investment options, unlike other IRA companies. This includes options that some IRA providers don’t promote, such as earning a return by supporting churches or charter schools. In the event of an issue, such as when Superior Gold Group was in the news for its problems, GoldStar quickly informed its clients and worked hard to make things right. This is a great way to show that they care about their customers. They also have decades of experience in the industry, which is a big plus for newbie investors.