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Mike Maloney is an author, television host, and a popular speaker on the topic of precious metals. His videos have more than 50 million views. He believes that adding gold and silver to your portfolio is essential during a major financial disorder.

GoldSilver specializes in IRA-eligible bullion products and offers global shipping and private vault storage. They also offer a variety of payment options. They collaborate with four reputable IRA custodians to ensure their customers’ investments are properly set up.

Customer service

Goldsilver is a precious metals dealer founded in 2005. They offer a wide variety of IRA-eligible gold and silver bullion products, including coins, bars, and jewelry. They also offer secure storage through four of the industry’s most reputable custodial companies. Customers can access their accounts online, and are able to track the value of their holdings from anywhere.

However, some of the company’s customers have had issues with delays and poor customer service. For example, one customer complained that they had to wait two months for their order of silver to arrive. The company responded that they were sorry for the inconvenience and that they were working to improve their processes.

In addition, Goldsilver offers free domestic shipping on orders of over $50,000. They also charge a monthly fee for secure storage of their clients’ gold and silver in third-party vaults outside the banking system. This storage is allocated and segregated so that only the owner can claim it.

Products offered

Founded in 2005, GoldSilver is one of the largest precious metals dealers. It offers a variety of bullion products and assists customers in setting up self-directed individual retirement accounts. The company also provides international shipping and private vault storage. It charges a monthly fee for the service, and its clients can use the website to track the value of their holdings.

The company was founded by Mike Maloney, who is a renowned precious metals expert and host of the popular video docu-series Hidden Secrets of Money. He is the author of the best-selling Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, and a former advisor to Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

GoldSilver sells a variety of popular bullion coins and bars from around the world. It also collaborates with IRA custodian businesses to guarantee that its clients’ IRAs are set up according to IRS standards. Its selection includes traditional IRA-eligible gold coins, such as the American Gold Eagle and Australian Gold Kangaroo. It also sells a variety of silver coins and bars in different weights.


GoldSilver is a popular online dealership that offers a large selection of IRA-eligible bullion products. The company also provides global shipping and private vault storage services. However, the site is not without its problems. Some customers have complained about the lack of home delivery and vault storage options, while others have criticized the prices. These reviews and ratings should be studied carefully to determine whether the company is a good choice.

The GoldSilver website features a variety of educational resources and videos from Mike Maloney, the company’s CEO and founder. He is a well-known precious metals expert and host of the Hidden Secrets of Money show, as well as the author of bestselling book Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver. The website also allows clients to track the value of their holdings from anywhere in the world. GoldSilver also charges a monthly storage fee. This fee ensures that your precious metals are shelved, wrapped and marked separately from the holdings of other investors.


GoldSilver offers a variety of shipping options for its bullion products, including global shipping, private vault storage and home delivery. In addition, it offers IRA-eligible precious metals and accepts various payment methods. The business also offers buyback options. The company’s website provides comprehensive information about its products and services, including pricing.

Its website offers a wide selection of the most popular bullion products from around the world. In addition to coins, the site sells a variety of bars and rounds in different weights. Its IRA-eligible products include American Gold Eagle, American Silver Buffalo and Australian Gold Kangaroo.

GoldSilver’s IRA-eligible products are stored at third-party secure, insured vaults outside the banking system. The company charges a monthly storage fee, and clients can change their vault storage plan at any time. The company’s founder is Mike Maloney, host of Hidden Secrets of Money and former advisor to Robert Kiyosaki. He is also the author of the best-selling Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver.