goldmoney review

Goldmoney is a precious metal investment company that offers its investors opportunities to diversify their investments. It also provides regular updates on the stock market and the cost of gold.

However, the company has a lot of negative reviews from consumers and third party watchdogs. Some people claim that they’re scamming customers.

It’s not BBB accredited

When choosing an investment firm, it’s important to spend quality time studying different reviews (both third-party and customer) that paint the real image of a company. This is especially important when you’re looking into Goldmoney, a renowned investment firm that deals with precious metals.

The company makes it easy to pay things with gold, transfer assets between various currencies, and make investments without hidden costs. However, their service is not available in every country. In some cases, you may have to wait weeks for a reply to your inquiry.

The Goldmoney website also offers regular investor updates on their insights page. These updates help you stay informed about the latest stock market trends and other variables that can affect your investment portfolio. This is a big advantage because it helps you avoid costly mistakes and make sound decisions. You can also access the Goldmoney Library, which offers in-depth knowledge about inflation, interest rate fluctuations, currency variations, investment policy shifts, and precious metal prospects.

It’s not regulated

Goldmoney is a precious metal investment firm that sells physical bullion to its clients. Its website is accessible 24/7 and allows you to buy and sell precious metals. The company requires verification of identity from its customers, which is a standard practice for all financial organizations. This helps them prevent fraud and money laundering activities. You will need to provide a government-issued ID, utility bills and bank statements to verify your account.

The company’s customer support is renowned for being unresponsive and obnoxious, according to many users. They also claim that Goldmoney’s fees are increasing without notice.

One customer reported that weeks went by before their transfer was reflected in their personal account. When they complained, Goldmoney responded by saying that their system had been bogged down by an increase in transfers and several market crashes. They advised the customer to be patient. They later received a notification that their transfer had been processed. They also offer regular investor updates on their insights page.

It’s not secure

There are a number of issues that have been reported by Goldmoney customers. Many of these are related to the company’s fees and customer service. Others are more serious and involve fraud or theft. In some cases, the company has been accused of stealing from customers by imposing high storage fees.

Nevertheless, despite these issues, Goldmoney is still a legitimate business. Its website is easy to use and provides ongoing updates on the economy, which can help investors make informed decisions. It also states all costs in black and white, including buy/sell fees, transaction fees and storage fees.

One complaint from a Goldmoney user involved a wire transfer that took a long time to clear. The company claimed that it was because of a higher volume of transfers and that they would refund the person in due course. However, the person did not receive their money back. Another user complained about unresponsive and obnoxious support representatives and fee increases.

It’s not affordable

Goldmoney is a unique company that offers a service no one else has done before. It makes it possible to pay with gold and transfer money without hidden fees. Goldmoney also values transparency and discloses its rates and fees on its website.

While the company does have positive reviews, it also has a high number of negative Ripoff Reports. One such complaint came from a customer who claimed that they couldn’t access their account because the company was demanding new identification documents, even though they had already provided this information at sign-up.

Another customer claimed that the company froze their account after a wire transfer took weeks to clear. The company replied that the problem was due to increased activity in their system and that they were working on it. Despite this, they still refused to give the customer his or her money back. The company has since changed owners. This may explain the sudden decline in positive reviews.